Our Process

Artisan Property Solutions LLC

Our Process

What happens now? What happens next? Once you contact Artisan Property Solutions LLC, you will have a brief conversation with either the lead carpenter, Robert Peterson, or the company owner, Michelle Blinn, to provide a brief overview of your desired project.

  1. We will then schedule an appointment to meet at your future project site. Either the lead carpenter or company owner will attend this first meeting to provide and gather information and paint a clear picture for both parties. It is important to us that you know that we are not a high-pressure outfit. Our passion is in the art of craftsmanship through our remodeling services.
  2. After our first meeting, a certain period of time is reserved for the processing of information exchanged and to generate questions and concerns for the upcoming building or remodeling project.
  3. Artisan Property Solutions LLC will then provide you with a detailed line-item proposal which includes a full scope of work description with a complete cost breakdown. Our general contractors believe in transparency. All parties need to see and understand the financials.
  4. We meet again to discuss in greater detail thoughts, ideas, standards and practices, and budgeting. This is called the “Design Meeting”. During this meeting, the fun begins. Artisan will discuss color palettes, finishes, material selections, architectural demands, and interior design. Dream a little!
  5. Once the details have been ironed out in the design meeting, you are presented with a final scope of work accompanied by a contract. The contract will include a timeline, payment schedule, warranties, change orders, and a promise of quality craftsmanship. It is at this time that you will also be presented with an “Additionally Insured” certificate and be added to our liability insurance policy.
  6. Now we “Save the Date” for project commencement. We will discuss logistics, security, safety, special requests, hours of operation, parking, tools and materials staging, entry and exit points, and an overview of how the job will unfold daily and in its entirety. Each of our employees is a uniformed, highly trained, respectful artisan. We take pride in our work and treat your home with a special dignity.

We Maintain Strict Quality Control and a Constant Line of Communication With You

Providing daily agendas, goal setting, and progress reporting. Striving to foresee all possible pitfalls from the outset is our attempt to avoid costly surprises during the project. When these occurrences do arise, we discuss the most practical and cost-efficient solutions.

Robert Peterson, Lead Carpenter, has been privileged to be serving the building and remodeling communities professionally since 1985. A more in-depth description of his career can be found on the About Us page. He is a Journeyman Craftsman in several trades. He has mastered an effective order of operations in remodeling which promotes a professional atmosphere, a feeling of excitement, and assurance.

He has a strong knowledge and command of all trades which we perform. Residential mechanical applications, personnel management, tradesman oversight, problem-solving, and day-to-day site management are his strong suits. Enjoying what he does is a bonus. You can be assured your project will run smoothly.


On-Time and On-Budget

It’s time for your project to come to an end. We assure you that every detail is addressed, and no stone is left unturned. The company performs constant job walks from the lead man onsite, to the Project Manager, to the company Owner, and company Lead Carpenter. It goes without saying that we want you, our client, to observe and approve the completed work. It is our hope that, at this point, we have established a strong, professional relationship and are excited to be your remodeling contractor for current and future projects.

We offer warranties on all our materials and labor. Rest assured, if something goes wrong, we will come back and perform any required warranty work free of charge. You can rely on our remodeling contractors for luxurious outcomes!

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